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 +====== CHAX Features and Benefits ======
 +===== What is CHAX? =====
 +CHAX is the most cost-effective funds transfer and debt collection system available. CHAX allows you to print checks by phone, checks by fax, or checks by e-mail. The CHAX software allows you to enter your customer'​s check information and print them on a new blank check form to be deposited in any U.S. bank for deposit the same day.
 +Collecting payments is now easier than ever, without the inflated costs. When a customer says, "​I'​ll put the check in the mail," you can just say to CHAX it!
 +With the help of the CHAX user-friendly software, just enter the customer'​s check information into any PC, print out the checks, then deposit it (works with ATM, teller, or remote scan deposits). It doesn'​t get any easier than that. Just about anyone or any business can use CHAX, from a sole proprietorship to large corporations. If your business needs to receive checks, then you can use CHAX.
 +===== CHAX: Features =====
 +  - Easy to understand and very usable interface
 +  - Create print batches
 +  - Create memorized (recurring) transactions
 +  - Choose top checks, middle checks, bottom checks
 +  - No signature required
 +  - Automatically track your customer'​s checking account information
 +  - Automatically populate fields from saved checking account information
 +  - User definable security settings
 +  - Full database historical transactions
 +  - Full multi-user capability
 +  - Network sharing compatibility
 +  - Saves transaction history
 +===== CHAX: Benefits =====
 +==== Security ====
 +With increased credit card fraud, customers are wary about giving credit card numbers over the phone. Using CHAX is in fact much safer because, unlike a credit card number, a CHAX check must be deposited in a bank account.
 +==== Cost-Effective ====
 +For a low, initial cost and just pennies per check, you can stop waiting for //checks in the mail//, eliminate wasting time on collection calls, and improve cash flow.